The large-scale infrastructure space is often a difficult industry in which to develop and nurture productive and meaningful relationships that eclipse any single project. As Pensar approaches its 20 years milestone, Founder and Managing Director Karl Yunker reflects on the company’s successes and how building a strong workplace culture, centered around its family roots, has contributed to its ongoing business operations.

“Before starting Pensar, I was often frustrated at the difficulty in building meaningful client relationships and the onus was largely on recovering profit.”

In launching Pensar, Karl’s vision for the company was to build a strong workplace culture that incorporated the approachable and nurturing attributes of a family-owned business, and the professionalism of a publicly listed company.

“Culture is the personality of Pensar, the ambience it creates, and the values it embodies. In a nutshell, it’s our ethics, beliefs, values, goals, vision, expectations, and mission all solidified in one capsule. I was privileged to learn from inspiring leaders and businesses driven by a commitment to quality, honesty, and reliability,” he said. “But I was also keen to try something challenging on my own and to create a culture that reflected my style and beliefs.”

Karl is proud of Pensar’s reputation in the industry as a credible, capable, and innovative infrastructure company.

“We are protective of our unique culture and provide a positive workplace where dedicated individuals can develop and progress.” Pensar is made up of shareholders who work within the company, therefore have an investment in the business. “When I set up Pensar, I wanted it to be like other privately-owned companies that I had dealings with, it was all about giving it a go and investing in my team. For our customers, our point of difference from our competitors is our multidisciplinary offering and direct access to Pensar’s shareholders.

This gives our clients piece of mind – knowing they have access to a single supplier with multiple capabilities, that are provided under the same management system – and delivered by our people who are committed to Pensar’s strong safety and client-focused culture.

We take pride in our strong workplace culture, and our management team lead by example. According to Karl, “Many customers, including myself, prefer to deal with owner-operator businesses because they are perceived as more personable and friendly compared to larger conglomerates. Our clients like putting a face to a name and building meaningful relationships during the delivery of their project. We encourage clients to collaborate with our teams to deliver signature, high profile projects that are driven by innovative thinking and creative methodologies.

At Pensar, we know both your employees and clients want you to walk the talk. Don’t just tell a story about your culture, live the story. Internal and external messages must align and be consistent. This means treating your people as valued members of your team, giving them the opportunity to grow and develop and the autonomy to make meaningful project decision that align with our clients’ expectations. Our company culture creates high performing people, who are passionate about project delivery and uphold Pensar’s client-focused culture in everything they do.