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Breaking down geographical barriers for our team

It was inspiring to hear from Karl Yunker and Patrick Newell on the exciting and future happenings at Pensar when they recently presented Pensar’s…

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A snapshot of our most historic year yet

A new parent and smarter work for great clients in more places mark Pensar’s biggest year yet. 2023 has been…

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Pensar’s new Chief Operating Officer

It’s a great pleasure to announce that Patrick Newell has been appointed to the new role of Chief Operating Officer…

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Pensar welcomes RSK CEO Alan Ryder

We were delighted to welcome RSK founder and CEO Alan Ryder to Brisbane and Pensar in November. He was joined…

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2023 Pensar Anniversary Lunch

Pensar was proud to recently host its annual Pensar Anniversary Lunch for our people who have reached the milestone of…

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United by Water – 2023 National Water Week

Water is a critical component to our very existence, and Pensar feels a sense of responsibility in what we do…

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Celebrating 23 years!

At Pensar, we celebrate our people and their collective contribution to the success of the company. We recently gathered to…

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Engineering the future

Many Pensar engineering team members have been working with us for a long time. Some since they were early graduates…

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A year of big challenges and bigger achievements

I am delighted to present Pensar’s end of year wrap-up for 2022. Remarkably, this has been a year of considerable…

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2022 Annual Excellence Awards

Pensar recently held its 2022 Annual Excellence Awards presentation, honouring individuals and teams who demonstrated excellence during the year.  There…

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