The infrastructure industry is in constant pursuit of Lean Construction, concerned with the management and improvement of construction processes whilst minimising costs and maximising the value for clients and stakeholders. Lean construction seeks to reduce waste and ultimately achieve the efficient supply of effective services. A challenge for the industry is the loss of productivity when compared to other sectors in the economy.

The Productivity Commission suggests there are five root causes for poor productivity:

  1. Contracts rarely motivate real collaboration, inhibiting close coordination and innovation.
  2. Work planning and delivery at the task level if unreliable, with almost half of all tasks in a project rarely undertaken when promised.
  3. The costs of errors are not measured resulting in a culture of acceptance.
  4. Risk is often contractually passed down the line regardless of whether that is a sound course of action and not effectively managed or mitigated
  5. High levels of error-repetition illustrates a culture of error-acceptance rather than learning.

The Productivity Commission suggests that one of the key drivers to improving productivity is through encouraging early multidisciplinary involvement in planning, encouraging innovation and management of risk through collaboration within the supply chain. Pensar works in multidisciplinary teams to offer clients across South East Queensland, from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine coast, improved productivity, cost savings and high-quality outcomes.

Pensar’s multidisciplinary offering fosters collaboration among specialised teams, across varied capabilities who have worked alongside each other for a number of years. The close coordination of specialists from a single company encourages innovation and reduces time lost through the back and forth between companies and departments. With less external stakeholders and a single set of well-defined management systems and a core culture, projects are streamlined and deadlines are met as promised. A single multidisciplinary team of specialists work to one set of standards and level of performance, held to account when it comes to safety, quality and production. When errors are made or risks identified, they are acknowledged, rectified and recorded to eliminate a culture of acceptance and ensure all teams are delivering projects to a consistently high standard. Pensar encourages learning across teams, sharing challenges and achievements on past projects and implementing these in future to improve efficiency and productivity.

With offices in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, Pensar has multidisciplinary teams based across South East Queensland. A few of our recent multidisciplinary projects include:

Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance Reservoir Renewals – Greenbank 

The Greenbank Reservoir complex was one of three sites refurbished as part of LoganWIA Reservoir Renewals project.The refurbishment of the Greenbank site utilised Pensar’s Structures and Civil teams for the rehabilitation of the existing water reservoir infrastructure consisting of two low level reservoirs and one elevated tower reservoir. The purpose of the project was to improve the water quality, maintain head pressure, and ensure the assets were future proofed.

Reservoir renewals project for LoganWIA by Pensar Infrastructure

Eggerdorf Road Subdivision

A 47 lot subdivision in Ormeau, to cater for the growing Gold Coast community. With Pensar’s multidisciplinary offering our team had the capability to deliver a full project solution, using our Urban, Water and Power capabilities. The project team self-preformed the delivery of a pump station and sewer rising main construction, electrical reticulation and road widening.

Helensvale Rail Station Bus Interchange

The upgrade of Helensvale Station on the Gold Coast was part of the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program, aiming to connect communities, enhance road safety, boost the economy and generate employment. Pensar’s Power, Structures and Civil capabilities collaborated to deliver a full-service solution for the client.

Tennis Avenue Footbridge

The construction of a new steel and concrete footbridge across Breakfast Creek providing direct access from existing pathway networks. Construction works also included significant creek remediation works to minimise flooding and to stabilise the embankment. Pensar’s Civil and Urban capabilities collaborated to deliver the project efficiently and to a high standard.

Pensar’s Multidisciplinary approach to project delivery promotes Lean Construction through combining the capabilities of one company rather than using subcontractors to deliver a number of project packages, reducing waste through an improved supply chain. Productivity improves when teams work from one set of systems, increasing the efficient supply of effective services and ultimately maximising the value for clients and stakeholders.