Plainland Wastewater Pump Station and Pipeline

About the project

Plainland’s existing sewage network was smaller than required for the expanding population, with all sewage being trucked to another catchment. Pensar completed the construction of a new wastewater pump station and rising main as part of the Plainland to Laidley wastewater upgrades for Urban Utilities' Regional Treatment Program, in partnership with John Holland.


Plainland, Queensland

Client & Duration

Urban Utilities
August 2022 - August 2023

Project Scope

  • Construction of a new 9 meter deep wet well in fractured sandstone
  • Installation of underground PVC vent line and 12m vent pole
  • 11km of above and below ground DN150 stainless pipework and valves
  • Underground dual contained MHL dosing pipework into wet well
  • Underground electrical reticulation including pits and slabs penetrations
  • 7m DN405 tunnel bore between existing grit chamber and new wet well
  • All live connections to bring the works on line


  • In response to the site’s ground conditions, the original design involved rock anchors, which were not suitable for construction. Our team worked with stakeholders to amend the ballast design to incorporate an anti-floatation base
  • Wet well was constructed 1.5m away from existing live underground storage tank that restricted construction methodology and ongoing plant movements
  • Maintaining access for ongoing tanker services during bypass and cut-in work activities


  • Zero safety or environmental incidents
  • Through close collaboration with designers and stakeholders, we were able to maintain the originally proposed caisson construction methodology with the change of ballast design
  • Pensar participated in a constructability review with the designers to fine tune the design

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