Sustainability Matters

Pensar strives to achieve excellence in environmental management and outcomes across every project we deliver. We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental management planning in line with ISO 14001, legislative, regulatory, and contractual requirements. Our teams are supported through new innovations and initiatives in a drive for continuous improvement.

We further encourage our employees to adopt mindful, best practice approach to the project’s construction methodology, credentials and energy performance from a ‘whole-of-life’ perspective. As well as ensuring we meet legal obligations and minimum performance standards, it embeds a mindful culture of forward-thinking when it comes to protecting the environment and making decisions that minimise impact, and promote sustainability. At Pensar, we are acutely aware of the ever-evolving requirements for our communities to implement effective environmental practices to further promote environmental sustainability. Pensar employees and subcontractors are encouraged to be proactive in their approach to sustainable practices, on site and in the office. 

Pensar Sustainability Committee

Pensar has a dedicated Sustainability Committee which aims to implement and promote best practice solutions to enhance our sustainability initiatives on site and in offices. The committee regularly organises and participates in a variety of initiatives including quarterly plogging in the surrounds of Pensar offices and project sites where teams take the morning to collect, recycle and dispose of rubbish followed by a team BBQ or coffee break. To celebrate National Recycling Week, Pensar’s Sustainability Committee partnered with Project Pargo creating Pensar water bottles, reusable coffee cups and drink coolers with a portion of sales going towards the purchase of water filters for communities in El Salvador.

Ocean Crusaders

Pensar is committed to, and passionate about contributing to the sustainability of our oceans and waterways. Ocean Crusaders has embarked on a mission to rid the oceans of plastic. They have a fleet of vessels designed for traversing our waterways and collecting plastic and rubbish. Since the Brisbane floods in March 2022 the need has been amplified, with a boat heading out most days. To date, Pensar has sponsored four river clean-ups and provided the clean-up crew for each expedition with Pensar team members participating in the waterway clean ups. Moving forward, Pensar plans to support Ocean Crusaders in a skippered river clean up twice yearly. Additionally we continue our ongoing support of Ocean Crusaders’ Containers for Change program with funds donated via the collection of eligible containers from across Pensar’s offices and project sites.

Landscape Rejuvenation

Where suitable, Pensar is committed to rejuvenating project site landscapes. The Sustainability Committee initiates tree planting sessions researching and planting native species unique to the local area. Our teams are passionate about enhancing the existing biodiverse landscape and improving the surrounding environment for the future.

Recycling and Upcycling

Pensar’s Brisbane office houses a recycling station as a central location for item collection. Items currently being recycled include batteries, mobile phones, e-waste (printers, computers, cables and monitors), drink containers, fluorescent tubes and fire extinguishers. A more recent addition is the upcycling of PPE clothing into dog beds for the enjoyment of many four legged friends.


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