Bridge Strengthening Works

About the project

2023 CIA Award for Excellence, 2023 ACRA Award for Excellence & 2023 ACRA Remedial Industry Excellence Award
Pensar was engaged to deliver the Bridge Strengthening Program for the Department of State Growth, which involved remediation works on seven bridges across the north east of Tasmania. Pensar's remediation solution involved electrochemical realkalisation, a non-destructive method of treating concrete carbonation.


Various sites, Tasmania

Client & Duration

Tasmanian Department of State Growth
December 2021 - December 2022

Project Scope

  • On four bridges, Pensar strengthened with near surface mounted Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) rods, surface affixed CFRP laminate, and fabrics utilising Sika products
  • Three of the seven bridges had varying depths of carbonation in the concrete substrate. Using innovative electrochemical realkalisation technology, Pensar reinstated the concrete’s alkalinity and were able to achieve the design intent without the need to remove and reinstate the insitu concrete. This allowed Pensar to keep all bridges fully operational to the public, eliminating major traffic disruptions to the community. The method also allowed Pensar to maintain the monolithic nature of the concrete deck without introduction of a significant amount of concrete repair joints.  Overall, providing considerable benefit to the project


  • Inclement weather conditions coupled with the occurrence of La Nina, prevented Pensar from achieving efficient progress. Substrate moisture and relative humidity reduced our ability to apply epoxy adhesives for a significant portion of our program
  • The proximity of a number of the bridges to catchment ranges, resulted in several flash floods throughout the stages of works, restricting access to the work space and damaging scaffolding


  • Pensar managed to successfully mobilise project teams at short notice to utilise all resources and complete as much contract work as possible during periods of good weather
  • The project team achieved a local spend of 40% of the contract value, resulting in over $700,000 being injected back into the local economy
  • Received the Tasmanian state award at the 2023 CIA Award for Concrete Excellence for Repair, Restoration and Retrofitting, 2023 ACRA Award for Excellence - Bridges and 2023 ACRA Award for Excellence - Remedial Industry Excellence



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