Our Guiding Principles

Pensar is built on a foundation of committed and highly passionate people, working to a single set of well-defined principles. By embracing these principles and continual improvement we can ensure a great future for our people, our clients and the community.

Our guiding principles

People are everything

We value diversity and inclusion and strive for the power of collective wisdom by encouraging individual competition, but not at the expense of a strong team. We reward on merit while seeking out people prepared to engage ethically and responsibly with the skills and imagination to aspire to reach the highest levels.

Doing the right thing

Doing the right thing is an individual priority and a collective imperative. We behave ethically and responsibly when faced with tough decisions about the sustainability of our environment, the health and wellbeing of our people and our communities, and the safety of our work sites.

Relationships matter

Relationships are built on trust and collaboration. We recognise the power of partnerships that put the project first and are solutions focused. We adhere to the principle of no surprises and the rule of producer/leader/manager to ensure our key people are always close to the action.

Bias for action

We have a bias for action, reinforced by radical transparency and truth. We make a powerful commitment to every project and hold ourselves accountable to get the job done. We will never be afraid to act when faced with uncertainty and recognise the critical importance of timely, informed decision making.

Always improving

We are always improving. Not to be the biggest but to be the best through constant innovation and continuous improvement of ourselves, our systems and our work practices and methods. We deliberately engage a growth mindset that embraces change, accepts mistakes and learns from them, says no to what is not working and strives for excellence.

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