The infrastructure people.

Pensar designs and delivers infrastructure solutions for a wide range of industry sectors, providing a broad spectrum of technical capabilities to serve the diverse needs of government departments, regional and metropolitan councils, and the private sector.

But being ‘infrastructure people’ goes beyond creating infrastructure.

In commercial terms, Pensar creates infrastructure for clients. In human terms, we create the infrastructure for people to use in their daily lives. We construct the infrastructure that makes a better way of life possible for families, industry and business.

Our clients know that we empathise with their need to satisfy their customers, and that we understand the demands they place on us to achieve an outstanding result for that purpose.

By infrastructure people, we mean our team of proactive and experienced people who are at the core of our group’s ability to consistently deliver and exceed client expectations.

Established in Brisbane in 2000 by Managing Director Karl Yunker, Pensar has experience, extensive capabilities, and a history of delivering quality outcomes, but it is our internal culture of giving the extra 10% that sets us apart.

This culture encompasses our entire operation from the quality of our people and our project delivery, our approach to health, safety, and the environment, to each interaction with our clients, suppliers, and members of the community. In essence, we aim to exceed expectations in all that we do.

In an industry where it is often difficult to differentiate ourselves based on the end product, the experience we deliver to our clients becomes critical.” Karl Yunker, Managing Director


Specialist skills for multi-disciplinary solutions.

Each of our Directors specialises in an area of infrastructure expertise; from power, water, and urban development, to civil infrastructure, structural services, and resources & energy infrastructure. Put them together and we have a group of highly experienced leaders who provide consolidated solutions to complex & multidisciplinary projects. This depth and breadth of experience is the foundation of our overall structure. We are an integrated group providing holistic solutions.

We have the collective expertise to deliver on all project aspects, or provide highly specialised solutions within each of our infrastructure fields.

We call it ‘group strength’. For our clients, this translates into integrated project solutions and the streamlined, cost-efficient delivery of their projects by a single, trusted provider.

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