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We offer insightful, original design thinking, implemented by a team with proven expertise to deliver flexible fit-for-purpose critical infrastructure solutions. We have been operating for over 23 years, working across a broad and diverse Australian market.

Through the power of our people, Pensar designs and realises innovative critical infrastructure solutions.

We offer the widest range of expert knowledge, innovative solution design and critical infrastructure realisation. This expertise and flexibility, combined with a determined can-do attitude, enables us to mobilise in challenging regional locations and conditions, accomplishing projects that are both technically and logistically demanding.

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A history of excellence

To compete in today’s market, any critical infrastructure project needs solid engineering expertise and state-of-the-art implementation. We have a proven reputation for delivering highly technical, multidisciplinary projects both in Australia and the Pacific.

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Client experience

We’ve gone from a tank in the ground and a very manual process to an innovative automated system that’s safer and more efficient for our staff to monitor and manage. It enables us to be smarter with our resources. We can manage and recycle the outputs from the plant efficiently and responsibly. It’s cost effective for our rate payers. We can accommodate large influxes of people. We can be more independent and even generate income for Council. Pensar became part of the community. We built the plant together. Every cent that could be spent locally was. Today we have a highly efficient piece of infrastructure that keeps ticking along without the need for a highly skilled team on the ground to drive it."

Cassie White CEO

Paroo Shire Council

Cunnamulla STP Upgrade

Work with us

We work behind the scenes to make life better. We know great infrastructure is often invisible to the people it makes the biggest difference to. But it enhances their experience of where they live, and how they live. This is only possible through the combined expertise and hard work of great, dedicated people. This philosophy runs right through our business and is why we invest so heavily in our people.

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The future demands new thinking, new approaches, and new solutions. We’d love to share how we’re using the unique expertise and skills of our people to design a better world, and the work we’re doing to make it possible.

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    We challenge established thinking to deliver innovative solutions and work hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve their vision and build infrastructure for the future. Harness the power of our people on your next critical infrastructure project.