A winning approach to championing safety on site

Laura Arias, Pensar site engineer, champions safety on site and leads by example to get the best outcomes from her site teams. Laura’s outstanding commitment to health and safety was acknowledge at the 2019 NAWIC Excellence Awards, where she was awarded the MULTIPLEX award for Achievement in Health & Safety and/or Environment.

Laura, originally from Colombia, leads by example when it comes to health and safety. Laura acknowledges that everyone has a responsibility to keep themselves and their mates safe. This is something she first learnt back home in Colombia and brings to work with her each day.

“Pensar has an enviable safety record, a direct result of a company-wide commitment to safety and promotes a culture of safety and well-being, which is something I completely align with,” says Laura. “In Colombia, personal safety was always front of mind. I bring this safety focus to my role at Pensar, with the desire to look after the people next to you and keep everyone safe. At Pensar we are all committed to achieving the aspiration of “everyone goes home safely and without harm” and to do so, we follow industry best practice in health and safety.”

As a natural leader, Laura influences those around her in many ways. Along with recognising her high standards when it comes to health and safety, NAWIC acknowledged Laura for being a positive role model for young females aspiring to a career in engineering. Laura explains that her main motivation comes from her younger sister who aspires to follow in her footsteps.

“Juana, my younger sister was 10 years old when I left Colombia. I know I am a huge inspiration and role model for her, she wants to be an engineer too and is applying herself and learning English. She is proud of me, her big sister, and she aspires to succeed as she sees me succeed and it is a wonderful feeling to know I am a positive influence on her.”


“I have achieved so much since coming to Australia without knowing the language or people. It can be a challenge to succeed as a woman in engineering and construction, I have been fortunate that I work for a company that strongly supports diversity and women in construction.  As a role model I actively encourage women who are unsure about what the role entails to give the industry a go. To achieve your goals, you have to put your mind to it. You must work hard in order to succeed. I went to English language classes, studied for my masters degree and worked full time to get to where I am today.”

A team of strong leaders and influential individuals, like Laura, is why Pensar has established an enviable safety record. National Safe Work Month, is an opportunity to reflect on workplace health and safety performance and recognise what our people are doing to champion safety and make a real difference in the industry.

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