Wamuran Irrigation Scheme D&C

About the project

The Wamuran Irrigation Scheme is being designed and constructed with the intention of delivering Class A recycled water to agricultural irrigation. Unitywater engaged the WIS JV (Pensar, Twin View Turf and Pinata Farms) to design and deliver the scheme infrastructure.


Wamuran, Queensland

Client & Duration

Design Phase March 2020 - June 2021, Construction Phase January 2022 - November 2023

Project Scope

  • The $100 million project saw Pensar design and construct a network of pipelines, pump stations and reservoirs to deliver recycled water from the Caboolture wastewater treatment plant to the Wamuran Valley some 25km away.
  • The system will deliver more than 2.6 gigalitres of Class A water per year to the region’s growers – reusing a valuable resource and diverting discharge from local river systems.
  • Unitywater engaged the WIS JV to design and deliver the scheme infrastructure.


  • Working with, and upgrading where needed, varying existing assets
  • Creating a scheme design solution, meeting the increasing needs of sewerage treatment and disposal as a result of the forecasted population growth for the Caboolture River Catchment
  • Taking into consideration the varying crop types, water quantity required and differing times of day/year irrigation takes place


  • The WIS JV worked closely with Unitywater, AECOM and Hydroplan to deliver a design meeting the scheme requirements of delivering Class A recycled water to farm gates
  • Undertaking a customer focused design methodology, placing customer requirements at the forefront of the concept design
  • Incorporating the upgrade and repurpose of existing assets including pump stations and Moodlu Quarry and the design of 25km of new pipeline, running to farm gates
  • Close engagement by the WIS JV with the agribusinesses in the region, gained through the detailed understanding of each scheme participants operations and unique water usage and water quality requirements
  • The on-demand and pressurised solution reducing the reliance on local dams and creeks
  • The future water security provided by the scheme allows agribusinesses to invest in and expand their current operations
  • Locally for the Caboolture region, increased favourable growing conditions provides additional employment and local spend across businesses within the community.
  • Increased employment opportunities for seasonal workers from the Pacific Islands providing financial stability for their families and communities.

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