Sunshine Coast Bridge Repairs

About the project

Bridges located in coastal regions degrade over time due to the ingress of corrosive salts and moisture into the concrete. Following a series of level two bridge inspections, the Sunshine Coast Council contracted Pensar to complete the rehabilitation of four bridges.


Sunshine Coast, Qld

Client & Duration

Sunshine Coast Council
April 2019 - May 2019

Project Scope

  • Cleaning the underside of four bridges, using high pressure water blasting
  • The application of a Silane based water repellent cream to reduce the ingress of corrosive salts and moisture into the concrete
  • Reporting any additional repair works identified during the project


  • All works were completed over water
  • Access was challenging due to tidal conditions
  • No materials were to wash into the waterways when cleaning or applying chemicals to the underside of the bridges
  • The bridges and waterways were to be accessible to the public at all times
  • Works were to be completed before June 30
  • Much of the work was undertaken at heights to reach the underside of the bridges


  • A combination of spraying and rolling applications ensured no chemicals entered the waterways
  • No environmental incidents occurred due to the use of a barge deck and catching nets
  • Effective traffic control kept the bridges and waterways open to the public at all times
  • Scaffolding was installed on the barge for fall protection and to give the team greater area to treat at any one time, reducing the frequency of climbing the scaffold
  • The Council was pleased with Pensar's community management and efforts to keep residents informed
  • Safely completed, whilst working at heights
  • Project completed before schedule

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