Recycled Water Pipeline Supply Zones SP1

About the project

City of Gold Coast is upgrading and expanding its recycled water network. This will provide future water security for the maintenance and enhancement of community green spaces, providing a climate-resilient, affordable, reliable and fit-for-purpose Class A recycled water supply. Pensar was engaged for the delivery of Stage 1 of this network.


Gold Coast, Queensland

Client & Duration

City of Gold Coast
July 2021 - December 2022

Project Scope

  • 10km of HDPE recycled water main installed via open trench, HDD and tunnel bore from Merrimac to Nerang
  • Installation of pipework ranging from OD710 HDPE all the way down to OD63 HDPE property connections
  • Concrete works including thrust blocks, concrete slabs and new shared pedestrian and bike path
  • Butt welding and electrofusion welding of HDPE pipe
  • Testing and QA including pressure testing of pipework
  • Installation of new water meters and connections
  • Reinstatement works including roadways and footpaths.


  • Working around existing service disruption, connections, shutdowns and decommissioning
  • Strict management of groundwater throughout the duration of works
  • Working within TMR corridors, including installing pipework alongside and across TMR roadways


  • Provided collaborative design feedback and suggestions to further better the design and minimise construction risks for the City of Gold Coast
  • Successfully delivering a complex pipe installation in a hazardous area

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