Relieving Slabs Replacement

About the project

Due to ageing of the existing infrastructure on Wharf 1 and 2 at Port of Brisbane, Pensar was engaged to demolish and replace the relieving slabs and upgrade the under wharf services.


Port of Brisbane, QLD

Client & Duration

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd
November 2021 - September 2022

Project Scope

  • Staged demolition of Wharf 1 and 2 existing relieving slabs
  • Decommissioning and recommissioning of under deck services
  • Fabrication, transportation, and placement of precast panels at 7m x 3m and weighing 30 tonnes each
  • Installation of joints and nosing’s to precast panels
  • Installation of under wharf services
  • Line marking


  • To be able to tie the new precast panels into the existing wharf infrastructure, 3D survey was performed under and above the decks
  • Works timings were carefully considered to ensure minimal disruption to the already incredibly busy cargo handling area
  • Coordinating the deliveries of the precast panels within the live and busy environment
  • Efficient transport and disposal of existing relieving slabs


  • 3D scanning was successfully implemented during the design phase to assist in providing an accurate measurement and suitable direction for the design due to the difficulty in determining the thickness of the precast panels
  • Due to the existing infrastructure not being uniform, Pensar suggested keeping all 110 new panels at the one thickness and applying a grout corrector layer ensuring all panels were within the specified height tolerances
  • Effective communication between Pensar and Port of Brisbane regarding the latent conditions identified enabling the coordination of methodologies and solutions with minimal impact to the project's program

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