Park Avenue Chlorination Upgrade

About the project

The upgrade of the chlorination system provides increased capacity and improves the reliability of the treatment plant.


Emerald, Queensland

Client & Duration

Central Highlands Regional Council
July 2017 - January 2018

Project Scope

  • Construction of cast in situ chlorine contact tank including inlet penstock
  • Construction of new chlorination blockwork building
  • Design, supply and installation of chlorine dosing equipment
  • Installation of above and below ground pipework, valves and fittings with connection to new pumps
  • Installation of three flowmeters
  • Design and construct electrical, instrumentation and control package
  • Construction of access roads with two coat seal


  • Unsuitable ground conditions beneath the access road required a creative and collaborative solution between Pensar and the client
  • Significant weather delays required re-planning throughout the project
  • This project required a multidisciplinary approach and coordination of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and controls teams


  • Zero LTI and MTI incidents
  • Collaboration between the Pensar Water and Pensar Building teams ensured the project remained on schedule despite heavy rainfall
  • The project was delivered on schedule even with the additional out of scope works completed for CHRC
  • Maintained continual operation of the existing sewerage treatment plant during the entire project
  • Continual and clear communication maintained with all stakeholders

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