Outlook Drive Reservior Refurbishment

About the project

The dilapidation of the welded steel reservoir 23 prompted the rehabilitation of the asset.


Mt Gravatt, Queensland

Client & Duration

Urban Utilities
May 2020 - August 2020

Project Scope

  • Full RPEQ design and certification
  • Removal of existing roof structure, wind girders and platforms
  • Internal sandblasting and AS4020 epoxy coatings
  • External sandblasting and polyaspartic coating
  • Removal of asbestos pipework
  • New roof, platforms, davit arm, ladder, roofing and ventilation
  • New stair access structure
  • Upgrade of site electrical system
  • 300m of trenching, pits and conduiting
  • Installation of cathodic protection system for internal surfaces
  • Civil works, apron slabs and asphalting


  • Unknown existing coatings displayed significant defects and were not suitable to prepare and overcoat with new system. Sandblasting was required to remove damaged coatings which delayed program. Weekend works were undertaken to attempt to catch up
  • Abnormal wet weather conditions through the winter period forced multiple re-blastings to remove flash rusting prior to coating installation
  • Conduits between the supply point and new distribution boards were collapsed and needed to be replaced. The conduits ran through Brisbane City Council bushland and a heritage listed site


  • Liaising with BCC, heritage representatives, local habitat and wildlife groups and arborists allowed for the reconduiting works to be completed smoothly for the benefit of Urban Utilities
  • Successful management of a compressed shutdown plan, ensuring the reservoir was returned to service as soon as possible
  • 3D scanning of the site was undertaken at the pre-construction phase to aid in design
  • Zero safety or environmental incidents over the four-month program
  • The flood test undertaken on completion passed with no leaks in roofing or attachments

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