North Pine WTP HV Upgrade

About the project

Pensar has been engaged to upgrade the North Pine Water Treatment Plant's HV infrastructure.


Brisbane, Queensland

Client & Duration

November 2020 - June 2021

Project Scope

  • Conducted a HV workshop with the client to determine the preferred HV switchboard vendor
  • Design, supply, construct and install the new HV switchboard within the new HV and LV switch rooms
  • Complete replacement of the existing cabling to accommodate future expansion to 11kV (currently 6.6)
  • Upgrade of the two dedicated Energex feeders from the existing zone substation, including upgrades to the Energex metering room
  • Relocation of the existing equipment to accommodate the new switch rooms
  • PLC and SCADA upgrades to monitor the new equipment and allow remote switching
  • Test and commission the entire plant HV network with staged cutovers to prevent loss of supply to the critical infrastructure


  • The plant is required to remain fully operational during the installation of the new equipment
  • Design coordination between the client, Energex and other key stakeholders
  • Working around existing HV equipment (Energex and private) whilst performing the upgrades
  • Relocation of the existing services while maintaining plant operations
  • Compressed program due to other critical projects


  • A successful outcome from the HV workshop and design process
  • Design deliverables and milestones achieved
  • Successful interactions between Energex and the client while maintaining the program

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