Moreton Bay Beacon Replacement

About the project

The existing navigation beacons within Southern Moreton Bay were in poor condition and Pensar were commissioned to replace them to allow for better vessel navigation and delineation.


Moreton Bay, Queensland

Client & Duration

October 2019 - November 2019

Project Scope

  • Replacement of eight navigation beacons which included the extraction of existing beacons, fabrication and supply of pile
  • Beacon componentry and installation


  • Inclement weather when working on the water impacting safety and timing of works
  • This contract was the first of its kind taken on by Pensar, creating unprecedented risks and challenges
  • Ensuring efficient communication between subcontractors and suppliers which was crucial to the successful coordination of works


  • Pensar quickly gained a thorough understanding of the construction methodology required to expertly complete the project with the assistance of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Despite weather delays the project was completed on time and within budget
  • All control measures were implemented and maintained to ensure no environmental or safety incidents were raised
  • A DENSO information and training session with the site crew was organised prior to the project commencing, ensuring high standard installation

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