Luggage Point Receival Facility

About the project

Pensar were engaged to undertake the upgrade works required to the High Strength Liquid Organic Waste (HSLOW) storage and dosing facility at Luggage Point STP, to receive fats, oils and grease (FOG), and co-digest both HSLOW and DOG into the existing six primary digesters.


Brisbane, Queensland

Client & Duration

Urban Utilities
January 2022 - December 2022

Project Scope

  • Design, supply and install a suitable access platform to each of the two unloading strainers
  • Supply and install progressive cavity unloading pump, hot water heater, macerator, multi-bag basket strainers and hose reel
  • Supply and install new stainless steel pipework. Remove and dispose of existing HSLOW unloading line
  • Supply and install all instrumentation and control, and modify the PLC and SCADA code as required
  • Supply, factory test and install a  new HSLOW/ FOG unloading LCP
  • Supply and install all new and replaced power, instrument, and control cables
  • Removal of redundant infrastructure


  • As a construct only project, a number of design issues were discovered throughout construction. Our team worked closely with plant operators and UU stakeholders to resolve these without delay to program
  • Existing agreements with third party suppliers meant that the facilities must be in operation by December 2022. This strict completion deadline required our team to mitigate any risk to program delays
  • Most equipment for this project was procured from overseas and had significant lead time ranging from 4 to 9 months


  • Zero Safety or Environment incidents
  • Throughout the project, Pensar collaboratively worked with UU to improve the project design, resulting in positive project outcomes for both parties
  • A procurement issue linked to strainers was resolved on site by our team in a couple of days through changing the pipe layout, without any delays to PC date
  • During commissioning, certain issues were found with the electrical components that were not designed to the required capacity. Through close collaboration, our team was able to resolve these issues in a timely manner

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