Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance Reservoir Renewals

About the project

The project involved the remediation of water assets across five reservoir sites to improve the water supply to surrounding communities.


Logan, Queensland

Client & Duration

Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance
November 2018 - November 2019

Project Scope

  • The removal and replacement of a structural steel roof
  • Installation of new roof sheeting and ventilation, meeting the different requirements and specifications of each location
  • Installation of improved stair towers, platforms, hatches, internal ladders and davit arms
  • Installation of external safety measures for the reservoir complexes such as new perimeter handrails, fencing and gates
  • Inspection, improvement and replacement of pipework and PT pockets
  • Repairing of wall and floor joints and the installation of a new floor seal repair bandages
  • Minor concrete works


  • Working in a hazardous environment with dangerous levels of radiofrequency electromagnetic energy, requiring employees to undergo medical and awareness training
  • Site access challenges were faced due to a restrictive work space, not allowing delivery truck access
  • Civil redesign and rework was necessary in order to ensure compatibility with existing services


  • Zero Lost Time Injuries despite the high risk, hazardous environment
  • Coordination and sourcing of local services ensured a minimal impact on the local community
  • Due to Pensar’s extensive experience, creative solutions were developed to maintain site access
  • Collaboration between the project delivery team, design manager and engineers allowed for successful revisions to be made to the original project designs

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