Forresters Beach 1 WPS Upgrade

About the project

Pensar was engaged for the design and construction replacement of the existing Forresters Beach booster station, due to its ageing condition.


Forresters Beach, New South Wales

Client & Duration

Central Coast Council
August 2020 - June 2021

Project Scope

  • Construction of a new precast concrete panel water pump station, building on a concrete piled foundation, with separate switchroom, gas chlorine dosing room and storeroom
  • Installation and commissioning of above and below ground DN300 DICL/HDPE pipework with 2 x no. LS-split case pumps for on/off duty operation
  • Installation and commissioning of the client supplied switchboard
  • Design and installation of a new gas chlorine dosing system


  • Ground conditions on site were challenging throughout the project. Located in a flood prone area, the ground retained moisture which was exacerbated by several instances of continuous heavy rain and leaking existing infrastructure
  • Pensar performed additional works including service interruptions and fitting replacements to aid Central Coast Council in managing the leaking infrastructure


  • Pensar performed multiple live main cut-ins with zero issues. This also included DN300mm live tapings and successful commissioning of the upgraded pump station
  • Working closely with chlorine dosing specialists, Pensar designed and implemented a completely new chlorine dosing system which included booster pumps, multi-directional dosing, and analysing and sample return pump and pipework

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