Esk Water Treatment Plant Filter Refurbishment

About the project

The existing water filter at the Esk water treatment plant was in poor condition, causing the plant production volumes to underperform. The existing filter needed to be refurbished to ensure that the future water supply wasn’t comprised. As part of the refurbishment, Pensar initially refurbished a spare filter which had been in storage so this could be installed and commissioned temporarily whilst the Esk filter was under refurbishment.


Esk, Queensland

Client & Duration

December 2020 - May 2021

Project Scope

  • Steel repairs
  • Full blasting and coating of internal and external surfaces of the filter using an AS4020 compliant coating system
  • Installation of new filter laterals
  • Supply and installation of new filter media
  • Modifications to pipework and installation of the BF isolation valves
  • Disinfection, commissioning and POPT of both filters


  • The condition of the internal steel was unknown due to no condition assessment being completed prior to the project execution stage
  • Time constraints were in place, minimising the number of weeks the filter was taken offline for the refurbishment
  • As built drawings of the filters were not available, it was difficult to estimate the duration of works


  • Close collaboration with Seqwater operations to complete required backwashes, disinfection processes and the POPT of each of the filters
  • A proactive approach was taken by the Pensar team and subcontractors to provide suitable alternatives for steel repairs
  • The filters performance was inline with the required specifications
  • The project was completed within the expected timeframes, with no impact to the normal production of the water treatment plant

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