D&C Lift Stations and Gravity Mains

About the project

The existing gravity sewer network was having significant overflow events in high rain periods. The works were intended to remove sewer from two sections of the gravity network that experienced these overflow events and pump flows to another section of the gravity main to alleviate these issues.


Kedron Brook, Queensland

Client & Duration

Urban Utilities
April 2020 - February 2021

Project Scope

  • Design and construction including commissioning and performance proving of two new precast sewer pump lift stations
  • All associated gravity intake and pressure discharge works, live connections and associated infrastructure


  • Working within existing green space areas and waterway corridors without impacting
  • Receiving more than 300mm of rain in a two day event whilst having large excavations in place 
  • Completing a long HDD installation on a very flat grade whilst maintaining the required grade


  • Altered the design to mitigate major tree removal and habitat impacts associated with these larger trees
  • Modified gravity inlet lines and sections of discharge mains to trenchless construction to minimize community impacts on the road and high use footpath areas
  • Completed a 300m+ HDD installation on grade with full compliance to suit UU standards at over 6m deep in some areas

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