Distribution Centre HV Works

About the project

Pensar was engaged to install and commission the HV switchgear for a new distribution centre.

Key Capabilities

Low & high voltage installations (construct and commission)

Project Location

Brisbane, Queensland

Client Name


Project Duration

November 2020 - December 2020

Project scope

  • Inspection and installation of the free issues HV equipment (1x HV MSB)
  • Supplied, installed, terminated and tested the HV cables between the HV board and transformers
  • Installation of the HV/LV earthing within the new switchroom
  • Supplied and installed all statutory signage to the new switchroom and equipment, inter tripping cable between HV relays, solar inverters and LV trip circuit breakers
  • Supplied, installed and terminated all cables for the remote tripping panel
  • Completed all pre-commissioning checks on the equipment and relays and obtain 3rd Party HV auditors’ approval to energise including point to point tests completed on each panel, functional/operational checks completed on CB, DS and ES, interlocks, mechanical and electrical and development of HV protection relay files
  • Commissioning of 5 x 2MVA transformers, HV protection relays and 11kV switchboard
  • Coordinated with Energex and the client to commission the HV equipment


  • The free issued HV equipment was delayed impacting completion and delivery to site in time for the planned Energex commissioning date. Pensar proposed attending the manufacturing facilities on a Saturday and Sunday, making a start on the interconnecting wiring and checks to minimise delays
  • Pensar also assisted with the delivery of the PLC panel to ensure no further delays occurred allowing for the switching date to remain as originally planned


  • The major challenge on this project was that the design and procurement was not part of Pensar’s scope. This was delayed due to the late supply of switchboards and the incomplete design. Pensar assisted the client in completing the design and provided the required resources to accelerate the delivery of the switchboards to ensure the scope of works was completed on time.
  • Pensar took on additional scope to ensure the project remained on program, including the installation of the earthing and cable tray
  • Minor design changes was suggested and improved to minimise the interconnecting wiring
  • Pensar personnel attended the switchboard manufacturing workshop to assist in point to point testing and pre-commissioning of the HV relays prior to delivery to site

Electrical Contractor Licence 76158