Carole Park Utility Assessment

About the project

The existing stormwater system in Carole Park was failing and required a flow and capacity assessment to understand the upgrade requirements on the existing stormwater network.


Carole Park, Queensland

Client & Duration

Valmont Industries
May 2019 — August 2019

Project Scope

  • Full site Quality Level B investigation
  • Investigation and condition report of existing stormwater network flow and capacity
  • Condition report on existing stormwater pits and manholes, including the manholes and gully pits on the road verge
  • Digital terrain model and topographical survey


  • There was no existing utility information, Pensar had to rely on existing surface features for a rough assessment of the site condition
  • Working in a busy galvanising workshop, which involved working around heavy machinery


  • As there was no current utility information, we built the Quality Level B model from scratch, using various utility locating techniques
  • A comprehensive stormwater network assessment was required, which meant opening and inspecting over 70 pits and manholes onsite as well as rodding, locating and GPR of over 3,200m of stormwater network
  • Completed a capacity and blockage assessment of the stormwater networks
  • Due to the unknown nature of the site, 3D GPR scanning was used for finding any unknown utilities
  • Due to the compact nature of the ground and site, drone survey was used for 90% of the field topographical survey

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