Burketown Steel Water Tank

About the project

Pensar was engaged to construct a steel fresh water reservoir tank to increase the storage capacity of Burketown’s drinking water.  The works were part of the Burketown Clear Water Storage project, an initiative of the Queensland Government and funded under the COVID Works for Queensland program.


Burketown, Queensland

Client & Duration

Burke Shire Council
November 2020 - December 2020

Project Scope

  • The design and construction of a potable 1ML steel panel water reservoir tank with a flexible liner
  • Connection of the new reservoir to the town’s existing water reservoir


  • Transporting in 150 tonnes of road base to replace the existing black soil due to its lack of compaction when wet ensuring a stable ground base
  • Carefully considered resources and materials required due to the remote location
  • Extreme working conditions including high temperatures and ensuring the works were completed prior to the commencement of the wet season


  • Works were completed ahead of schedule and to budget. It was essential to complete the project prior to the commencement of the 2020 wet season as the existing treatment plant was struggling to meet demand due to increased processing times caused by rain stirring up the fresh water river
  • Pensar worked closely with the client, consultants and community members to achieve the successful delivery of the works

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