Brisbane South State Secondary College Electrical Infrastructure

About the project

The Brisbane South State Secondary College commenced construction in 2020 and consisted of a multipurpose hall, learning and creative hubs, administration and staff centre, canteen and health and well-being hub, learning plaza, outdoor spaces and court, carpark, pick up and drop off zone and end of trip facilities. Pensar was engaged in the delivery of the Energex large customer connection, Rate 2 lighting, the construction of a new traffic signalised intersection, and upgrade of the existing signalised intersection.


Dutton Park, Queensland

Client & Duration

Broad Constructions
April 2020 - January 2022

Project Scope

  • Supply and installation of Energex, NBN, Telstra and BCC signals
  • Rate 2 lighting and associated infrastructure
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of three sets of traffic signals


  • Pensar was required to effectively and efficiently manage all deliverables and schedule of works to ensure that the facility was available to operate in a limited capacity for the beginning of the 2021 school year
  • Traffic signal works were completed under live traffic conditions with through traffic needing to be maintained


  • Successful installation of three HV Energex pits and the commissioning of two sets of traffic signals
  • Pensar worked collaboratively with Broad Constructions to complete the staged works ensuring that all deliverables were achieved and that the facility was able to open in a limited capacity for staff and students as scheduled for the beginning of the 2021 school year

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