Beanland Street Emergency Storage Upgrade

About the project

To mitigate the potential risk of an overflow during wet weather events, Urban Utilities engaged Pensar to design, construct and install a new 140KL emergency storage tank beneath the existing Beanland St BCC dog park.


Brisbane, Queensland

Client & Duration

Urban Utilities
February 2020 - June 2020

Project Scope

Pensar’s scope of works included:

  • 60%, 90% and IFC design of the new 140KL emergency storage vessel, collection manhole and end chambers
  • Installation 120 x OD860 GPR pipes, four 8m x 1.5m x 1.5m high prefabricated concrete end chambers (HDPE internally lined) with lids and risers weighing 25T in total each
  • Procurement and installation of 24 x OD860 gibault joints
  • Construction of the new 3m deep DN1200 collection manhole (HDPE internally lined) over the existing DN600 RCP gravity main whilst it remained live
  • Live connection of the new collection manhole into the existing DN600 RCP gravity main
  • Construction of 2 x new picnic shelters with base slabs


  • Given the narrow nature of the site all works were staged so that each section had to be excavated, installed and backfilled prior to moving onto the next section
  • Majority of the works were completed safely during the initial COVID19 Brisbane lockdown without any delay to the program
  • Construction of the new collection manhole over the existing gravity main while live, required extensive planning to ensure the pipe was sufficiently protected and supported
  • Due to the weight of the large prefabricated concrete end chambers, a 100T crane was required for install. Extensive planning was completed with the crane subcontractor, due to the close proximity of overhead HV powerlines
  • Completed the removal, export and replacement of over 350T of contaminated and unsuitable material


  • Pensar successfully designed, constructed and installed the 4 prefabricated concrete end chambers with internal HDPE liner. The end chambers were prefabricated offsite in order to minimise the install time,
    which in turn reduced the cost and risk for Urban Utilities
  • Works were completed on budget and within program, even with the additional time required for removal of the contaminated and unsuitable material, and the COVID19 Brisbane
  • Seamless handover of the dog park back to the Brisbane City Council, completed to a high quality standard, including the dog park, landscaping and new picnic shelters for local residents use (the entire dog park
    was completely

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