Aubinville Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

About the project

The existing electrical infrastructure and clarifiers at the Aubinville STP were degrading and reaching the end of each components’ service life. As part of an overall STP upgrade, Pensar was engaged to replace the mechanical componentry of the existing STP clarifiers along with significant concrete rehabilitation works to extend the functional life of these units. A site with electrical upgrade involving design, installation and commissioning of electrical, instrumentation and communication systems was also required.


Aubinville, Queensland

Client & Duration

Fraser Coast Regional Council
February 2020 - December 2021

Project Scope

  • Design including CFD modelling of the new clarifier bridge systems complete
  • Fabrication of the new systems offsite to allow for simple site installation
  • Stripping the old clarifiers of all mechanical equipment and steel work 
  • Jointing repair along with floor, wall and launder concrete rehabilitation
  • Removal of topping slab, relevelling of structural slab and protective epoxy coating applied 
  • Construction of a new above ground RAS pump station 
  • Installation of new mechanical componentry into the clarifiers electrical component
  • Complete electrical, instrumentation and communication systems design, installation and commissioning


  • Detailed staging and planning were necessary as the two clarifiers under construction were the only two at the plant
  • Installation of the new switchboards and switchroom in the new plant to be completed whilst integrating the existing electrical services with minimal changeover windows
  • Completed and future construction and integration of the new systems were performed and are being performed during live plant operations
  • Changeover of the Energex service location from the existing aerial supply to a new pad mounted transformer
  • Specific proof of performance measurement tools were created with the Council to align with the limitations of the design scope


  • Process issues with the plant operations were identified resulting in an upgrade to the pump station which was added to the original scope of works
  • The Pensar design team have created a design which meets the clients requirements, and allows the project team to methodically transfer electrical systems from the existing plant to the new, with minimal or zero supply disruption to the community
  • Despite very tight install parameters, there have been zero errors 
  • The RAS and other POP requirements were successfully met
  • The client is happy with the quality and management of the project
  • Zero safety or environmental incidents

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