ASMTI Shoalwater Bay Training Area WWTP

About the project

Pensar designed and constructed a solution to deliver wastewater infrastructure, which permits a large buffering capacity, meeting the increased diurnal flows of typical military camp routines for when the Department of Defence Shoalwater Bay Training Area is in use. It also needed to endure large stand down periods of little to no flow for up to nine months.


Byfield, Queensland

Client & Duration

Laing O'Rourke
December 2021 - September 2023

Project Scope

  • Process for septic tank primary treatment
  • Filtration for removal of suspended solids and biological oxygen demand
  • Ammonia stripping for nutrient removal and chemical dosing systems
  • A combination of irrigation and surface water release is proposed for the final effluent disposal


  • The challenge was to create a solution which met the 11 primary objectives in the construction of the ASMTI Facilities Project. Pensar delivered two optioneering workshops in collaboration with AECOM and Laing O’Rourke
  • Four independently solution-based options were presented as part of our initial submission to the participating organisations. Pensar presented the proposed solutions, working through the disadvantages and advantages of each, transparently answering questions and addressing the potential challenges 
  • The design solutions were not over-engineered. They employed robust technology to provide dependable, fail-safe solutions most suited to meet the client’s primary objectives


  • Our tailored design solution provided the Department of Defence with a significantly reduced ongoing operational expenditure, eliminating the requirement of full time WWTP operators  along with suitable final effluent for irrigation use at the training base
  • Majority of the work was self-performed by the Pensar project team, however, we engaged local supply chains where relevant to support ASTMI’s Local and Indigenous Engagement Commitment

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