Pensar’s new Chief Operating Officer

It’s a great pleasure to announce that Patrick Newell has been appointed to the new role of Chief Operating Officer for Pensar.

Pat has been with us for 14 years – since his early days as a graduate engineer. He has worked as site engineer, project manager and headed up our water division since 2013 and formally became a Director in 2018.

Pat now has the mandate and challenge to further unite and progress Pensar’s distinct divisions and functions of water, structures, power, specialist infrastructure, rehabilitation and regional/offshore – each successful in its own right – as one coherent entity with one clear vision.

Pat is a great demonstration of the Pensar work culture, and the perfect person to have in this new role. Pensar has always supported the opportunity to promote rather than recruit, building our own leadership from within.

Pat has played an important role in the growth of Pensar and it has been a privilege to see his capabilities and career develop with us. In the new role of COO, he will continue to set a great example for our many amazing young staff – those who will lead Pensar into the future.


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