Celebrating Pensar Excellence

Pensar recently held its 2023 Annual Excellence Awards presentation, honouring individuals and teams who demonstrated excellence during the year. 

There are five categories which individuals and teams can be nominated for and include;

Service Excellence
Recognises excellence in delivery and support to colleagues, management, clients and/or other service users. Service excellence is demonstrated by consistently delivering service that exemplifies Pensar’s Core Values and Guiding Principles.

Excellence in Safety
Safety on the job is our number one priority. This award recognises the contributions that employees make by going beyond the call of duty in fostering a safe workplace. Showing constant drive to achieve Pensar’s commitment to “Safety today. Family tomorrow.”

Health and Wellbeing
Pensar has a love of health and wellbeing which we like to encourage in all staff. This award recognises someone who shows commitment to improving vitality in themselves whilst exhibiting an awareness for, and inspiring the wellbeing of those around them.

Pensar Spirit
An individual who continuously demonstrates the Pensar spirit and lives and breathes its values on a daily basis. They epitomise what it is to be a great teammate (a true “Pensarian”) by giving all of themselves, leading by example and actions in the pursuit of excellence and in doing so inspires others around them to do the same. They enhance the work environment and energy of the team by being selfless, loving, caring, tireless, humble and dedicated.

Project of the Year
This award recognises excellence in the delivery of a project by a team. These teams have shown ongoing commitment to colleagues, management, clients and/or other service users. They demonstrate a consistently high level of professionalism and delivery that exemplifies the Pensar values.

Congratulations to the very worthy 2023 award recipients!

Service Excellence: Jacob Caric & Jeremy Goodacre
Excellence in Safety: Steve Visser
Health & Wellbeing: Tim Bott
Pensar Spirit: Jaden Low
Project of the Year: ASMTI Shoalwater Bay Training Area WWTP


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