Pensar awarded construction of new fishway for Sunwater

Pensar is proud to have been awarded the construction of a new cone fishway on the existing Fitzroy Barrage for Sunwater as part of the Rookwood Weir Project. It is inspiring to be part of a project supporting the community and environment through local job creation, the protection and sustainability of fish species and habitats, and ensuring the region’s future water security.


Construction of the fishway will support 12 jobs and provide 31 native fish species access to 545 hectares of habitat. The new fishway design features ‘cone’ type blocks throughout the structure and will enable smaller fish to migrate upstream and downstream of the river from the north side of the barrage. The infrastructure will be built on the north side of the barrage, and will support the existing vertical slot fishway and cone fishway located on the right bank by allowing for the greater passage of smaller fish.  For more information see Queensland Government’s media release.

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