Josh Day started with Pensar as an undergraduate Engineer and after three and a half years now works as a Site Engineer in the Civil division. Josh’s passion is in construction (contracting, especially), teaching him high level management skills, with the aspiration of one day working on some of the world’s most interesting projects.

Josh is intrigued by the future of the infrastructure industry, where there’s a more productive contracting environment and an increase in technology. Josh believes young people can challenge the future of the industry by always asking questions and that curiosity will open the door to topics perhaps rarely thought of in this environment.

With Josh’s hunger for growth and enthusiasm to learn, Pensar was an obvious choice.

“Being exposed to a large number of project types (bridges, roads, defence, etc.) has allowed me to plan my vision for the future and find the field that is of most interest to me much earlier”, Josh explains.


“Pensar provided me with countless opportunities while I was in the undergraduate program and were very flexible around my university timetable. As an undergrad, Pensar placed me on a number of projects, ranging from small up to the larger scale contracts, exposing me to a variety of engineering and trade disciplines.”

Pensar is committed to the growth and development of its people and our undergraduates and graduates are no exception, this was a big contributor in Josh’s decision to continue on as a graduate with the company.

“It was an easy choice to continue with Pensar upon graduating university as it was a logical continuation of my undergraduate program and I was already advanced with the systems in place and the managers were familiar with my capability. This experience allowed me to graduate from university a step ahead of my cohort as I continued in my role with Pensar, at the level I was already operating at.”

Josh values his experience with Pensar, the company’s ability to be flexible and agile has given Josh the opportunity to take on tasks not typically completed by undergraduates and graduates. Josh credits Pensar’s leaders who challenged him, taught him and continually encouraged his hunger for career progression.

“Pensar has attracted some of the leaders in the infrastructure industry, all of which have a broad depth of industry experience. I have had the opportunity to work with a number of excellent colleagues who have played a major part in my learning and professional development – I’ve taken away lessons from each”.