The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Pensar has built several groundbreaking partnerships and joint ventures in recent years. These initiatives are not only creating new opportunities for local contractors, but also realising potential for service providers and government agencies, while delivering great outcomes for local communities and end users.

Such partnerships leverage the unique capacity and expertise of different yet complementary entities to build on each other’s scale, scope, credentials and networks. They bridge regional divides, enabling operators to reach new markets and providing regions with access to new expertise. And they empower individual partners to reach new heights – securing projects and delivering outcomes neither entity could on their own – building new capabilities and reputations in the process.

Gold Coast Water Collective
Pensar has partnered with FB Contracting – a civil engineering company with considerable capabilities in pipeline reticulation – to deliver an innovative recycled water network on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast Water Collective will deliver 10 kilometres of pipeline as part of stage one works. This upgraded and expanded network will help maintain and enhance green spaces, while supporting local industry and investing in the region’s future.

Pensar Water Director Patrick Newell says the partnership realises a capacity and level of expertise that neither party could achieve on its own. “FB Contracting has the manpower and the equipment – the boots and gear on the ground. There’s no one better equipped here to do the work. They’re very capable and competitive. Pensar has the project management and engineering expertise, the scale and reputation, to secure the contract and build a robust platform for success. Together we can manage the risk, plan the work and execute the job clinically.”

FB Contracting Managing Director Adam Fewster says he knew Pat and Pensar from working in the water industry over many years – traditionally as competitors. “While we share common ground, we have quite different skillsets and capabilities – different but complementary. That’s what brought us together on this project. Despite the fact that Pensar and FB compete on many levels, this was an opportunity for us to work together, share knowledge and put forward a strong submission. Neither of us ticked all the boxes, but together we could offer a great package.”

Pat emphasises the partnership is built on mutual understanding. “Pensar and FB know each other well. We have a good rapport. Neither of us could do this job on our own. There’s a continuous requirement and big opportunity for ongoing work and levels of engagement. Good initial outcomes will lead to more opportunities in the years to come.”

A springboard for shared success
Adam believes this collaborative model is indicative of a new direction for the industry and provides a great opportunity for building capabilities and credentials. “Teaming up with Pensar gave us the clout to be able to tender for the job and win it. We can gain experience in a calibre of job and a model of delivery that would otherwise take a lot of time. We can build our reputation in the process.”

Pat agrees. “The collective combines the strengths of two distinct organisations. We’ve worked hard to blend the two and build a standalone entity. The Gold Coast Water Collective provides a focus for our teams and our client. We’re all invested in the process. There’s no them and us. We’re all part of a bigger picture. We build a strategic partnership with a complementary culture and unique intellectual property. Together we fulfil the evolving needs of the project, client and end users.”

Adam says being part of a collaborative joint venture and working under the one banner has helped to unite two crews with very different skillsets and work cultures. “We’ve worked hard to turn challenges into learning opportunities. Getting everyone aligned and working in the same direction is essential. There’s a great opportunity to build an ongoing working relationship with Council as the recycled water network expands across the Gold Coast.”

Industry open to new opportunities
Pat believes initiatives like the Gold Coast Water Collective are made possible by a collegial yet challenging industry sector. “The water industry is very open to partnerships and collaboration and sharing ideas. But as Adam points out, it’s also an industry where technical competence and project capacity can be hard to build. The barrier to entry is very high. By partnering with someone who can tick the box on experience or scale, you can get access to larger or more specialised projects.

“These partnerships afford bespoke solutions that no one else in the market could deliver and we could never achieve on our own. Strategically, we see it’s good to partner. And we want to be seen as a good partner. We want our partners and clients to be advocates. If it’s a success, then everyone wins. It’s all about building better results and reputations.”


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