The Future of Water: Pensar’s Commitment to Water Security

Water security is steadily rising as a key issue across most parts of Australia, with year-on-year records seemingly being broken on a weekly basis, and threat of drought to farmers and communities ever-prevalent. It is therefore no surprise that local communities are calling on industry and government for better management of water resources and for significant long-term sustained investment in infrastructure to better retain or deliver water to troubled areas.

At Pensar, we’re all too familiar with the effects of drought and the mitigative steps that need to be introduced as measures to avoid water scarcity and ensure water security. The ever-increasing need for water, along with a tightening supply has helped light the fire underneath companies and councils to look to the future and invest in water infrastructure.

Many of the nation’s water and sewerage systems have been in operation for a century or more. As pipes, pumps and plants reach the end of their expected lifespan, water infrastructure capital needs are growing rapidly, yet investment in water infrastructure is not keeping pace.

The reality is that most communities, especially in drought-prone areas, face the prospect of an ageing water infrastructure network and a great deal needs to be done to ensure water security for the future. Our infrastructure teams are highly experienced in assisting communities in developing and reaching operational and strategic goals towards the resolution of ageing infrastructure. In recent years, we have worked alongside regional councils to restore their run-down water infrastructure and reservoirs back to optimal levels.

LoganWIA Reservoir Renewals Project – Greenbank 

The refurbishment of the Greenbank site utilised Pensar’s Structures and Civil teams for the rehabilitation of the existing water reservoir infrastructure. The purpose of the project was to improve the water quality, maintain head pressure, and ensure the assets were future proofed.

Infrastructure rehabilitation on water asset

Alexandra Hills Reservoir Refurbishment 

The Alexandra Hills Reservoirs Complex comprises five concrete reservoirs supplying potable water to the Redland Bay Region. The need for the rehabilitation of these reservoirs was identified following a detailed condition assessment carried out by our team. The purpose of the project was to improve water quality and extended the services life of the assets.

Infrastructure rehabilitation on water asset

Pensar’s practical rehabilitation process takes into account only the infrastructure that is in most need. By performing physical upgrades on this infrastructure, we are able to restore it to an acceptable condition that’s conducive to optimal operational standards. This infrastructure rehabilitation process, in turn, will also improve the operational efficiency of the infrastructure while extending its lifespan. Our design-build-operate services span all types of clean water and wastewater infrastructure, including facility upgrades, expansions and new construction. For our clients, this cultivation of knowledge is reflected in cost savings, improved efficiency and a higher level of performance.

At Pensar we self-perform many of our water projects due to our wide range of inhouse capabilities. Our focus is to increase the service life of the asset and we believe that with the correct investment in rehabilitation, clients can ensure their assets will meet the needs of the community well into the future. We may have an asset owner who has a budget to meet, but who also needs to increase the service life of the asset.  Our approach is to ensure the owner understands whilst their budget may meet their needs, with a slight increase and the correct approach they may see significant increases to the remaining service life. We demonstrate to industry and government what can be achieved with their water infrastructure and how whole of life costs can be reduced through strategic investment.

[box]Pensar Craig McPhillips As a Construction/Estimating Manager of Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Craig is passionate about working with asset owners on the early detection of problems and the implementation of the best solutions to extend the service life of their valuable assets. Every project is different, presenting a unique challenge that requires a unique repair solution using the latest available technologies and techniques. If you are interested in discussing how Craig and his team can help with your infrastructure needs, please Contact Us or connect with Craig on Linkedin[/box]


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