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When I pause and reflect on the year that was 2021, it is an incredibly exciting time for the infrastructure industry and I am honoured to be part of the Pensar team who have continued to grow from strength to strength in the delivery of many challenging, yet captivating projects.  Through our ability to offer holistic solutions and technical expertise, we can provide innovative thinking and propose one-stop solutions to meet any challenge.

Over the last 18 months we have strategically broadened our focus to include more technically specialised projects, notably in the critical water infrastructure space.  We continue to move into new regions where we are delivering projects across our asset remediation, water treatment and network infrastructure, electrical, instrumentation and control systems, and complex water storage and network capabilities. One recent example of this was being awarded a position on the Hunter Water Construction Services Panel, and like our other newer delivery regions, we look forward to continuing to grow our local team and contributing to the future delivery of key infrastructure.

With remotely located works come logistical challenges, with the demand for constructing and rehabilitating regional assets continuing to increase. Through the power of collective wisdom, we have never been in a better position to be able to deliver critical infrastructure in regional and rural areas, across remote locations and vast distances, harsh climates and extreme weather events and areas with limited access to specialist plant and technical experience.

Now more than ever, we see and are experiencing the tremendous benefits in establishing partnerships.  We have built several partnerships and joint ventures in recent years which have leveraged the unique capacity and expertise of different yet complementary entities, building on each other’s scale, scope, credentials and networks.  One of our more recent partnerships is the Gold Coast Water Collective where we have partnered with FB Contracting in the delivery of a recycled water network.  We will be expanding on our partnerships in early 2022, so stay tuned.

People are everything at Pensar and our passion to improve infrastructure filters through our people, with the hope that this inspires our clients, as we work together in the delivery of their solution.  I am extraordinarily proud of our people and their adaptability, determination, and commitment.  They continue to strive for excellence with a growth mindset of always improving and embracing change.  My goal is to ensure that they are continually engaged in the strategic direction of the business, presenting new opportunities, experiences, and learnings.

Looking ahead into 2022, I am excited about Pensar’s future opportunities and expanding our delivery scale and project geography even further afield.  We will continue to develop our current technical capabilities and ability to deliver these in-house, complementing our existing expertise.  I anticipate dynamic times ahead which potentially will challenge supply chains and human resource management.  Having over 21 years of experience in managing multiple boom cycles, our many lessons learned have been applied and are now practiced in our approach and delivery of projects.

At Pensar, we make a powerful commitment to every client and project, and will always hold ourselves accountable.  Thank you to our clients for the confidence you place in us as a trusted partner in the delivery of critical infrastructure solutions.  We look forward to continuing to build on these relationships and partnerships in the years to come. – Karl Yunker, Managing Director.

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