Safety message to ‘take a moment’ resonates with Pensar

The construction industry is a priority industry for workplace health and safety and this October, National Safety Month, Pensar is working with team members to support this initiative and ensure that workplaces everywhere are safer.

The National safety message resonates strongly with Pensar teams and Daryl Curran, HSEQ Manager said “Pensar focus very emphatically on safety – we want our teams to go home each day, happy and well after a safe day at work. In support of this year’s safety theme, we will be promoting an additional message to our staff asking them to ‘Stop. Think. Plan.’ as well as launching our new safety initiatives here at Pensar.”

Research by Safe Work Australia revealed that in 2017, 190 workers were fatally injured with 45 fatalities occurring in Queensland alone. Add to these figures, estimates that work-related injury and diseases cost the Australian economy more than $61.8 billion and the impact on GDP is significant.

“Pensar also took time as a company to reflect on the Jed Millen story (widely known in the construction industry) and learn critical lessons about the importance of taking a moment, thinking of the consequences, not doing something if you are uncomfortable in any way and not guessing at something if you don’t know the answer. These were all areas that Jed Millen’s tragic experience showed needed industry-wide improvement.”

The Jed Millen story is a heartbreaking story where a rigger fell five metres permanently injuring his upper spine in the process.

“We want all of our team, contractors and employees, to stop, think and plan when they are on site whether it is our site or someone else’s. The Jed Millen story resonated with us because of the work Jed is doing to promote safety and his key message that everyone needs to take action. At every site that we work on, Pensar teams are instructed that safety comes from everyone being the eyes on the site. We do not want any of our teams undertaking rushed, risky or unplanned manoeuvers that could put others at risk.”

Work safe. Go home safe. A moment is all it takes.

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