Wellers Hill Reservoir 1 & 2 Refurbishment

About the project

The Wellers Hill facility consists of a dual-cell concrete reservoir constructed in the mid 1970’s. Upon inspection the reservoir revealed numerous leaks and defects.

It was found that concrete roof panels, roof and floor joints were decayed and consequently, impacting the potable water storage.

Key Capabilities

Reservoir construction & refurbishment; Concrete remedial & refurbishment works; Remedial jointing; Concrete tank construction; Water & sewer reticulation

Project Location

Wellers Hill, Queensland

Client Name


Project Duration

April 2015 – April 2016

Project Value

$3.3 Million

Project scope

The project consisted of the following works:

  • Design of roof membrane and concrete joint system
  • Penetration of the reservoir roof for temporary access
  • Performing a detailed clean of the reservoir internals (approx. 7,000m2)
  • Replacing pre-cast concrete roof panels that included hoisting failed panels and replacing with new
  • Installation of external roof jointing system (approximately 1,800m)
  • Installation of external roof membrane (approximately 7,000m2)
  • Installation of internal floor jointing system (approximately 1,900m)
  • Extensive concrete repairs to internal beams, columns and panels including approximately 500m of concrete crack injection to beams, walls and floors

Innovations & Highlights

  • Initial reservoir clean performed under confined space restrictions
  • Formed reservoir roof penetration creating temporary access for hoisting plant and materials to execute the works
  • Efficiently removed and replaced concrete roof panels with well planned mobile crane procedure
  • Design and installation of roof membrane, roof and floors jointing system complying with AS/NZS4020 potable water