St Helens Boat Ramp & Breakwall Construction

About the project

Reconstruction of an existing Carpet Snake Point boat ramp in the small shing township of St Helens Beach. The township is situated approximately 60km North of Mackay and within the Great Barrier Reef Cost Marine Park zone.

Key Capabilities

Marine construction & refurbishments; Retaining wall construction; Minor civil works and stabilisation; Road construction

Project Location

St Helens Beach, Carpet Snake Point, Queensland

Client Name

Department of Transport & Main Roads

Project Duration

June 2017 – August 2017

Project Value

$1.55 Million

Project scope

The upgrade to the boat ramp included:

  • Construction of a new on lane boat ramp over the footprint of the existing ramp including cast-insitu and precast concrete components;
  • Construction of new access causeway over tidal lands which included the installation of a new asphalt pavement and guardrail installed along the entire perimeter;
  • Construction of rock armour breakwater running along the entire northern side the new ramp;
  • Import, placement and compaction of 4000t of 75mm rock to increase the overall ramp height by more than 2 meters;
  • Installation of over 6500m2 of Geogrid mesh to contain and support the 75mm rock layers;
  • Over 1100m2 of fully grouted rock shoulders and embankments installed to TMR specfication;
  • 5000t of specially sourced Rock armour imported and strategically placed to construct new boat ramp breakwater;
  • Placement of 37 precast concrete planks to construct the new 40 meter long ramp.

Innovations & Highlights

  • Worked closely with cultural heritage monitoring team to ensure no cultural artifacts were uncovered while excavating.
  • Large tidal movement provided challenges however were met and overcome by the project delivery team.
  • Successful delivery of project on schedule with no major defects.
  • Pensar worked closely with Mackay Council to ensure all public and local stakeholders were kept updated on all works being carried out throughout the 12 week project duration.
  • All works were carried out in accordance with the site specific Environmental management Plan with all Environmental controls closely monitored and updated as site conditions changed with tidal movement.