Pallara Pumping Station & Rising Main

About the project

The Pallara development transforms acreage properties into a residential development. Pensar was engaged by Turrisi/Ausbuild to construct a pump station and trunk sewer mains.


Pallara, Queensland

Client & Duration

January 2018 - November 2018

Project Scope

  • A 2400dia QUU spec sewerpump station with emergency storage facility
  • More than 1500m of gravity fed and rising main sewer pipe work (including open excavation and trenchless)
  • Bridge crossing of gravity main 100m DN 355 over Blunder Creek
  • Mechanical installation of pipework in pump well including flowmeters and pumps
  • Specialist sewer infrastructure, including grit collector manhole and odour control units


  • An 11m deep open cut excavation adjacent to open stormwater drain
  • Construction of multiple structures at different depths required very detailed planning and excavation drawings
  • The site traversed several private properties, so site access and security issues had to be negotiated
  • Connection to existing sewer network under live flow conditions
  • Temporary shutdown of water mains was required
  • Completing over 300m in a single shot for HDD installation for a gravity main on minimum grade


  • Completed installation and connection with no contamination of stormwater drain
  • Design and construction of innovative manhole deck system expedited work and reduced time spent in hazardous work zones
  • Successfully completed live sewer connection with no contamination, no sewer loss and no safety breaches
  • Established good communications with property owners resulting in no site access issues
  • Completed project with developer’s required timeframe, so tankering on the development was not required
  • Project completed with no defects, issues or rework required

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