Olive Downs Offtake

About the project

The project was part of the larger Pembroke Resources’ $1b Olive Downs metallurgical coal project in the Bowen Basin. Pensar was contracted to construct the necessary infrastructure required to supply raw water to the new coal mine.


Moranbah, Qld

Client & Duration

May 2019 - August 2019

Project Scope

  • Construction of new offtake and billing flowmeter manifold with control valve
  • Partial duplication of the Eungella Southern Extension Pipeline in Ø630 and Ø560 HDPE
  • Electrical and controls design including new solar array, switchboard, radio communications and grounding rings
  • Integration of control system with existing assets, and commissioning of switchboard, control valve, and flowmeter
  • Construction of a new secure fenced compound


  • Works were completed on a remote job site, a long distance from neighbouring towns
  • Detailed analysis of the existing control systems and hardware were required to ensure the new system and the existing ageing assets were compatible
  • The design of grounding rings with overhead HV proved challenging, with the risk of step-touch potential
  • Water supply could not be disconnected for longer than 4 days at any one time, this making the connection of the new off take to the existing aging and deformed thin-wall HDPE pipe challenging
  • The project was to be delivered within a tight timeframe


  • The impact of working on a remote site was kept to a minimum through detailed pre-planning,ensuring crews weren't held up on site, using fatigue and lone worker controls and engaging local contractors
  • Step-touch potential was reduced to safe levels with the installation of 32 x 5m long copper earth rods
  • Connections were completed within the 4-day critical timeframe, using pre-fabricated fittings and re-rounding tools to ensure the pipe could be corrected without delays
  • The connection to the existing water main was completed in 1 day, 2 days ahead of schedule
  • Site access was via a private property, the project team improved the road to show their appreciation to the cooperative landowner

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