Murray River Council Bridge Upgrades

About the project

2021 ACRA Award Winning Project
The Murray River Council engaged Pensar to carry our concrete investigation and analysis of defects to 8 bridges between Barham and Moulamein. In collaboration with a consulting engineer, Pensar designed a suitable rehabilitation program to provide a solution to extend the service life of the assets which considered varying deterioration mechanisms.

Key Capabilities

Concrete spall repair, concrete crack repair, cleaning of bridge components, protective coatings, structural strengthening

Project Location

Multiple Locations, New South Wales

Client Name

Murray River Council

Project Duration

May 2020 - June 2020

Project scope

  • Concrete spall repair
  • Concrete crack repair
  • Cleaning of bridge components
  • Protective coatings


  • Various products had to be trialled and tested to find the appropriate choice for different defects on the bridges. Defects included low concrete cover over reinforcement, substandard concrete strengths, spalling on different areas of the bridge decks and parapets, install of coating to reduce the impacts of Alkali Aggregate Reaction (AAR)
  • Communication with agricultural contractors was required so wide loads being transported were not hindering bridge works





  • Scientific evaluation of the defects allowed Pensar to develop a methodology and provide a solution that met the requirements of the client
  • Various methods of concrete and crack repair were carried out to achieve the best result
  • Bridge works were carried out with little disruption to traffic flow
  • Further critical bridge repairs were identified by Pensar during delivery and communicated to the client. The repairs were approved and completed within the original schedule
  • 2021 ACRA Award winning project