Macleay Island Marine Landing Facility Upgrade

About the project

The long-awaited upgrade of the Macleay Island foreshore precinct provides substantial improvements to island parking issues, allows for separation of barge and recreational boat users, and sealed asbestos contamination on the foreshore.


Macleay Island

Client & Duration

Redlands City Council
July 2017 - July 2018

Project Scope

  • A new 3m high rock-armour seawall to protect the facility from tidal and storm effects
  • A three lane boat ramp incorporating in-situ reinforced and precast concrete planks
  • Beach foreshore access stairs
  • A new carpark with 3 metre high retaining walls and noise barriers
  • An access road to new carpark
  • Upgrade of existing carpark facilities


  • The island is a 45-minute barge trip from the mainland so significant pre-planning and detailed logistical programming was critical
  • The existing ferry terminal had to remain fully operational throughout the project
  • More than 40,000t of gravel, rock, fill, concrete and asphalt had to be transported by barge
  • The barge could only deliver and remove materials at high tides
  • Most excavated acid sulphate soils had to be managed on-site
  • The 8000 square-metre site was contaminated with asbestos
  • To enable barge access, special environmental permits had to be sought and a rock platform constructed


  • All acid sulphate soil was either successfully treated on site or removed for treatment on the mainland
  • Asbestos contaminated soil was successfully entombed in the foreshore
  • No safety issues or environmental breaches, despite working in a designated hazardous site
  • Engaged and funded a local artist to produce and install a unique timber sculpture at the site
  • Project was delivered to agreed schedule and costs, despite the logistical and site challenges

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