Macleay Island Barge Ramp & Piling Work

About the project

Design and construction of a new barge ramp adjacent to the existing barge ramp located on Macleay Island in Queensland.

Key Capabilities

Marine construction & refurbishment; Marine based piling & pile repairs; Minor civil works and stabilisation; Environmental protection & maintenance works

Project Location

Macleay Island, Queensland

Client Name

Redland City Council

Project Duration

July 2015 – February 2016

Project Value

$0.9 Million

Project scope

  • Design of new barge ramp to suit RCC specifications
  • Bulk excavation of marine material
  • Placement of core rock to create ramp base
  • Placement of precast concrete planks
  • Poured in-situ concrete anchor beam
  • Placement of grouted rock shoulders
  • Asphalt transition into existing carpark
  • Pro ling of concrete into new ramp
  • Replacement of damaged planks to existing ramp
  • Relocation of existing piles to serve as barge guide

Innovations & Highlights

  • Effective and efficient liaison between Pensar, designers and RCC to meet all specifications and requirements of scope;
  • Successful application of all permits required to carry out works in marine park environment;
  • Successful delineation of site to allow barge operation throughout project;
  • Excellent communication with Stradbroke Ferries to allow continuous barge operation;
  • Construction of new ramp to serve as barge terminal – existing barge ramp converted to public boat ramp;
  • Completion of project utilising barges to transport plant, materials and labour;
  • Programming of works to work around tidal conditions.