Kenya to Chinchilla Pipeline Enhancements

About the project

Pensar committed to an accelerated program to deliver HV and LV electrical installation works, control system development and steel fabrication and assembly to Sunwater’s Kenya to Chinchilla Weir Pipeline. The pipeline operates intermittently around the clock and Pensar was required to work closely with Sunwater and its stakeholders to ensure works could be completed with minimal disruption to operations.


Chinchilla, Queensland

Client & Duration

October 2014 – January 2015

Project Scope

  • Manufacture, installation and testing of four 3.3kV HV termination boxes for 500kW motors
  • Fabrication and installation of stainless steel support structures for 18 customer offtakes


  • Considered planning was required due to the remoteness of the site location


  • Works were completed in a remote location on an operating pipeline with a diverse group of stakeholders including QGC and private landowners
  • Trialed and reported on acquisition and display of data from a remote flowmeter via the GPRS network
  • Delivered to Pensar’s high standards of workmanship on time and within budget

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