Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

About the project

Pensar was engaged to minimise the operator safety risks at the Kenilworth WTP by replacing the existing soda ash loading system with a caustic soda loading system. The new aqueous caustic soda dosing system was designed and constructed to ensure the future reliability and safe control of the raw water PH required for the treatment of water at the WTP.


Kenilworth, Queensland

Client & Duration

March 2020 - December 2020

Project Scope

  • Removal of existing soda ash tank, bund, doing pumps, pipes and associated accessories
  • Installation of 2000L capacity pre-fabricated and factory tested caustic tank and 9000L chemical spill holding tank
  • Installation of associated pipework and construction of new retaining wall and driveway
  • Installation of instrumentation and valving to enable a fully automated control and indication for the new system
  • Installation of electrical and control cabling, containment, lighting and power for the chemical dosing area
  • Installation of PLC code and SCADA screen developed and integrated into the existing Siemens system
  • Installation of two independent dual contained pipes and fittings for the caustic tank dosing pump


  • The footprint for the new site was located over an existing pond . The pond had been filled in with materials that need to be removed and new fill was required to be imported providing a suitable ground condition and bearing capacity for the site to be constructed upon
  • The footprint for the new driveway, chemical dosing skid and holding tank was located in a very narrow sloping terrain requiring the coordination of varying trades and the programming of onsite machinery which proved challenging during the construction
  • The WTP is a brownfield site requiring careful consideration for works being completed whilst the plant was operational


  • Design and installation of a fully automated system requiring minimal manual input
  • Commissioning was completed in conjunction with Seqwater with precision and zero errors during the integration process
  • The newly installed system’s performance requirements where achieved immediately improving the safety and durability of the Kenilworth water treatment plant into the future
  • 3D scanning was used for the design of this project
  • The project was completed utilising the new chemical dosing specifications created by Seqwater. This was one of the first projects completed in the South East Queensland’s network which featured this specification

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