Julia Creek Water Tower Refurbishment

About the project

Built in 1971, the 30m high Julia Creek Water Tower features a distinctive shape giving it its ‘wine glass’ name. The unique shape enhances water pressure to cool the artesian water that comes out of the ground at 60°C. We were engaged to extend the service life of the tower utilising our specialty concrete rehabilitation capability.

Key Capabilities

Reservoir construction & refurbishment works, Application of specialist coatings, Joint systems and sealing, Concrete rehabilitation

Project Location

Julia Creek, Queensland

Client Name

McKinley Shire Council

Project Duration

July 2020 - September 2020

Project scope

  • Internal surface preparation by high pressure water blasting and abrasive blasting to remove laitance and weak concrete
  • Repair of concrete cracking and install of Epimax 225 internal expoxy render coat and Epimax 333AR epoxy lining
  • Install of polyurethane waterproof membrane on roof
  • Design, fabrication and installation of new ladders, handrails and hatches to comply with AS1657
  • Replacement of dilapidated valves and fittings
  • Design and implementation of a 30m high heights safety system comprising of fabricated wall anchors, inertia reels and gates to increase safety during roof access


  • Due to extreme temperatures inside the reservoir, Pensar completed the internal epoxy works overnight to combat the effects of outgassing and subsequent coating failures
  • The external works were delayed a number of weeks due to high winds safety concerns
  • Upon mobilisation it was identified that there was an existing epoxy coating on the inside of the reservoir. Abrasive blasters were brought to site to ensure no loss of program time
  • Installation of a 35m high scaffold stretcher stair to gain access to the roof of the water tower


  • Utilisation of local suppliers, contractors and council resources to help support and give back to the Julia Creek Community
  • No safety incidents during the 10 week period Pensar were on site
  • No defects in internal coatings on completion
  • Project works were completed to the satisfaction of the client
  • 3D scanning allowed the accurate design of new fabricated components