Ivadale Lakes Estate Residential Subdivision

About the project

The Ivadale Lakes Project involved three separate packages of work delivered over a 12 month period at Little Mountain, near Caloundra, Queensland. This project saw Pensar’s combined group strength deliver coordinated civil, electrical, and communications solutions for our client Australand Property Group.

Key Capabilities

Land clearing & Bulk earthworks; Land Clearing & Bulk Earthworks; Water & Sewer Reticulation; Design, construct & maintenance of low and high voltage installations; Road Construction; Retaining Wall Construction; Street Lighting and Traffic Signal Installation and Maintenance; Service Installation; Bridge Construction

Project Location

Caloundra, QLD

Client Name

Australand Property Group

Project Duration

June 2014 – July 2015

Project Value

$5.7 Million

Project scope

  • Bulk Earthworks – cut to fill and imported material
  • Design and Construction of concrete sleeper walls and sandstone boulder walls
  • Rock drilling for wall foundations
  • Stormwater, Sewer and water reticulation, involving a large amount of rock excavation
  • Road Construction – unbound pavement, primer seal and asphalt
  • Repair of a nearby street to allow entry into the development to improve presentation and increase performance of the road over time
  • Concrete works – Exposed aggregate medians, driveways and footpath
  • Landscaping

Innovations & Highlights

Despite continuous heavy rainfall (over 1,200mm for the final stage alone), Pensar’s construction plan enabled the mitigation of delays to the client and the ensured the project was delivered well within original estimated timeframes.

Despite working with very poor soil conditions (mostly alluvial clay) beneath the road subgrade, Pensar completed rectification works that ensure the road will continue to perform well over time.

Effective consultation with adjacent residents regarding upcoming works, the provision of regular updates on work progress, and the successful resolution of boundary and fencing issues.