Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Works for Sluice Gate 3

About the project

Hydraulic Cylinder Rod replacement at Scrivener Dam. An inspection of Sluice Gate No.3 at Scrivener Dam and its associated actuator resulted in the identification of corroded areas on the surface of the hydraulic cylinder rod.

Key Capabilities

Reservoir construction & refurbishment; Mechanical installations

Project Location

Scrivener Dam, Australian Capital Territory

Client Name


Project Duration

December 2014 – February 2015

Project Value

$0.1 Million

Project scope

  • Removal of existing hydraulic cylinder
  • Manufacture of new cylinder rod
  • Install and commissioning of new hydraulic rod

Innovations & Highlights

Pensar’s collaborative approach helped Sunwater deliver a broader scope of refurbishment works involving Sunwater’s own personnel, other contractors, public road closures and critical water infrastructure.

When corrosion of the cylinder bonnet was discovered Pensar’s field staff and subcontractor found and implemented a solution at minimal cost and with no impact on programme.